Long time no Post

Opensource 3d of course remains a major part of my current interests. This year I’m trying to introduce 3d Opensource into the curriculum of the local art college where I am sometimes invited to teach. The institute currently uses some high end 3d software (Which I think an earlier system admin ripped into the intranet) to teach very basic 3d concepts. I don’t think they even know that you can actually use PLE versions.

By using Gsculpt, Wings, AOI and Blender to teach basic 3d institutes like these dont have to suffer potential lawsuits just because they aren’t remotely technical. (Software is a distant part of daily life in a fine art institution) Also these kids dont have to put up with the ridiculously complicated interfaces just to learn simple 3d ideas like modeling.


  1. If and when you have the time, I am curious about student response to Wings3D and G-Sculpt interface (or other 3D apps, perhaps) ; what seems to be the most difficult to get of those applications features, or workflow; if they prefer using custom menus +hotkeys or on the contrary gui widgets and buttons + mouse, these kind of points.

    I may have to teach some introductory 3D class myself, in a couple of month.

    – Regards,
    – Buz.

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