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Magic Marker Tutorial This marker was made in Gsculpt and rendered in Blender. Modeling time 15 Mins, rendering time 20 Secs.

This tutorial uses just three techniques. Extrusion, Inseting and Bevelling. The Marker started off as a box whose edges I bevelled. Then I duplicated the box, one became the cap and the other the body. Areas like the back of the marker or the top of the cap… I first inset the face then extruded it in and then out again. See?

Just in case you didn’t already know, A Gsculpt Mesh file is a tutorial in itself. Just load it and use the Build Detail panel to watch as the model builds.

Download the Gsculpt file for the Marker here.

AOI Marker

Just to show that similar techniques are applicable in any software. Similar marker created and rendered in Art of Illusion using extrusion, inset and bevelling techniques.